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Surrealist Women: An International Anthology

What Reviewers have to say about
An International Anthology
Edited & Introduced by Penelope Rosemont

"New vistas open on every page. One wonders how so much provocative, wonderful writing was neglected for so long! In unraveling the heretofore untold story of surrealism's many women, Penelope Rosemont combines state-of-the-art scholarship with deep insight and high humor." —Rachel Blackwell, Heartland Journal. . . "A monumental work of translation, research, commitment and homage . . . Scores of writings illustrating the 'against-the-current tenacity' of surrealist women... Clearly the definitive work on its subject. . . the perfect introduction to the surrealist project."—David R. Roediger, New Politics. . . "An important and beautiful contribution to the comprehension of surrealism...and the rediscovery of the lost voices of surrealist women...The book is richly illustrated, but the accent is on the texts. La Quinzaine littéraire (Paris). . . "An inside view of surrealism. Instead of merely writing about women and their place in the movement, Rosemont decided to let the women surrealists speak for themselves. This delightfully large compilation includes almost 300 essays, stories and poems by 97 women participants in the international surrealist movement. . . Nearly 30 countries are represented. . . Rosemont's discussion of surrealism's links to ecofeminism, Pan-Africanism, and anarchism are lucid and engaging. . . A book to make us dream and realize our dreams. . . an invaluable resource."—Bloomsbury Review. . . "Though surrealism has often been viewed as a male-dominated movement, women have been integral to its development. In this first anthology of writings by women surrealists, drawn from an impressively global group, Rosemont dives deeper than the extant writing on the movement to unearth the women involved since its inception. . . These writings offer a history of women's formative participation in surrealism's past and create a context for its future. Rosemont's insightful introduction, short essays prefacing each major period of the movement, and brief biobibliographies illuminate a vibrant revolution in process. An important research tool as well as a fascinating read, this major contribution to art history and literary scholarship is highly recommended."—Library Journal. . . "Essential, inspired...meticulously and passionately researched. . . an invitation to look at surrealism in a new way."—Infosurr (Paris). . . Exhaustively researched, all-inclusive. . . celebrates these women's emotional and intellectual brilliance as well as their concrete social commentary." —Kari Lydersen, Streetwise. . . "In the vast democracy of women's surrealist art, poets paint, painters write, dancers and film-makers theorize, lending this compilation the mad gaiety of carnival or a May Day parade. Feminist scholars in search of new fields will find here a gold mine of possible inquiries." —Chris Tysh, Detroit Metro-Times. . . "Truly global in scope...includes surrealist poets and theorists from Africa, the African diaspora, the Middle East, the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, etc. The great majority have been completely ignored by U.S. critics." —Slingshot. . . "Combining scrupulous scholarship and passionate generosity, Rosemont's remarkable introductions tell the hidden story of surrealist women's impact, and explode the androcentric and Eurocentric image of surrealism. . . Thanks to Rosemont's pathbreaking initiative, it will be much harder to continue to ignore women's active part in surrealism." —Michael Löwy, New Left Review (London). . . "Authoritative, definitive, and comprehensive." —Choice. . . "Surrealist Women fills a big gap in 20th century cultural history as well as women's history. Penelope Rosemont has accomplished a major feat in collecting these pieces, and her introductions are themselves a brilliant tour de force." —Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. . . "Recovering lost revolutionary voices is always valuable, but what makes this anthology truly exciting and important is that these voices have so much to say to us today...White supremacy, misogyny, capitalism, imperialism, ecological devastation, and the struggles against all these abominations, are recurring themes. . . The liberating influence of Black culture—and the surrealists' support for Black liberation—also run all through this book. Vitally important are the many texts by Black surrealists, from the brilliant, pathbreaking theoretical essays by Suzanne Césaire to the firespitting poetry of Jayne Cortez." —Race Traitor. . . "Impeccably written and researched. . . These overlooked women played important roles in the shaping and endurance of surrealism." —Kelly Everding, Rain Taxi. . . "The scope of the anthology is surprising indeed, when we consider that surrealism has always been analyzed as a male-centered movement, and that surrealist women's (written) voices have been disregarded or simply unheard. Readers will no doubt make remarkable discoveries among the writers whose work is represented." —Susan Petit, Women in French Newsletter. . . "For those who live their lives at the point where art and revolution intersect, this book is indispensable." —Bertha Husband, Against the Current